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  • Cycling has its laws, on the road and over the fields. A correct uphill transmission and good downhill brakes. You’ll wear these quality jerseys with various constructions and elastic shorts with pride. NORTHKIT is a must.
  • The proper tire design, endurance and a little humility will open up all forest roads. For certainty, you can supplement your breathable cycling jerseys designed for bikers and the legendary shaped riding shorts with NORTHKIT.
  • We only have one head, and it’s there on our necks to be protected. A helmet or casque will absorb some of the energy of impact and reduce the risk of injury. We choose the right helmet based on our purpose. A cycling helmet with good ergonomics must fit well, be ventilated and provide a good view. Climbing helmets have their own standards, including a lightweight variant of alpine helmets with an injected construction and distinctive ventilation holes. The closed construction of a ski helmet pleasantly insulates and is ideally complemented with goggles. A quality helmet provides several setting points and has a simple lock.


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