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Hiking gaiters

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  • Are you planning a hike with your family? Choose from our hybrid jackets, trousers or quality t-shirts. They use the power of NORTHFINDER premium materials, such as elastic and thermo-insulating Polartec® or reliable softshell with an excellent combination of breathability, water resistance and wind resistance. Because there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.
  • A hike up a high hill ends at the top. It’s fun for those who are prepared, who have no fear of heights and who have maximum respect for nature. It also requires reliable technical clothing made from first-class materials.
  • Intensive hiking with less equipment, with a clear goal and focus on performance. The less you carry, the more your equipment needs to be versatile. Put on softshell trousers, a Polartec® sweater and a softshell jacket or a PrimaLoft vest. Before leaving, pack a NORTHKIT emergency jacket with trousers into your backpack and you can set out on your adventure!
  • NORTHFINDER hiking outdoor gaiters offer perfect protection for the legs from moisture, insects, dirt or scratches. They facilitate movement in all types of exteriors and they’ll give your mind and body both the needed courage to overcome even unpleasant obstacles. Winter gaiters prevent snow and ice from getting into the space between your trousers and your shoes. Water-resistant or waterproof gaiters are also a great help, literally keeping you dry during a hike. There are also solid hiking gaiters and protectors for the more demanding.
  • A hardshell protective outer layer will protect you in any extreme weather conditions. It must have a good combination of breathability and water resistance, e.g. elastic softshell jackets with taped seams. It may contain Dermizax™ EV material with water resistance up to 20,000 mm.


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