PrimaLoft® Materials

PrimaLoft® Materials


PrimaLoft® belongs among the absolute peak of heat-insulating synthetic fiber producers. PrimaLoft® products are, thanks to its properties, the closest to down. Ultra smooth non-absorbent fiber is the basis for the connection of unique heat-insulating properties and its low weight. The material effectively protects from heat leakages and at the same time blocks the outdoor chill. Unlike down, it retains its volume even in wet conditions and loses almost nothing from its thermal features. The compressive ability of the material and extreme breathability provide comfort in physically demanding activities in cold and wet conditions. The thread dries quickly and does not require special care. Primaloft® is constantly innovating and offering new materials such as Insulation Eco containing recycled fibers, Insulation down Blend - connection with down, or Insulation Active as the elastic insulation with extreme breathability. The PrimaLoft® brand has been awarded with the environmental valuation bluesign award.

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