Dermizax EV

Dermizax EV


The nonporouse membrane with high waterproofness and superior elasticity

This smart nonporous membrane offers exceptionally high waterproofness, moisture permeability and low condensation. Its smooth texture, lightweight configuration and high elasticity enhance wearer comfort. Ideal for mountaineering, winter sports and other heavy-duty applications.

  • Super durable water repellency that protects against heavy storm conditions
  • Exceptionally waterproof and highly windproof
  • Greatly improved moisture permeability for enhanced comfort
  • Soft, lightweight and easy to care for

Physical Properties

Waterproofness20,000mmH2O or higher
Moisture Permeabilityapprox.4,000g/m2/24 hrs. or higher *1(2-layer)
20,000g/m2/24 hrs. or higher *2(2-layer)
16,000g/m2/24 hrs. or higher *2(3-layer)
Water Repellency80 points or higher (after 20 wash cycles)

*1: A-1 upright cup method (JIS L1099 A-1,ISO 2528)
*2: B-1 inverted cup method (JIS L1099 B-1)


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