Essential Ski Touring Equipment for Women

Essential Ski Touring Equipment for Women


Premium women's clothing for ski-touring and cross-country skiing represent constructions that respect the anatomy of the female body, elaborated cuts and details with trendy designs.

When creating clothes for ski mountaineering and cross-country skiing, we didn’t forget about the ladies. Hybrid clothing constructions that respect the anatomy of the female body, elaborated cuts and details - all of this combined with trendy designs. You’ll use items from women’s NORTHFINDER ski-touring collection during your active movement throughout the winter months. How do hybrid constructions work? They combine the active drawing of excess heat away from the body while also protecting exposed parts of the body from wind, frost and snow.

Active layer

As a bottom layer you can wear a KRALOVA technical T-shirt with a neckerchief made of the extremely elastic material Dri-release® DUO. Aside from the pleasant feeling on the body, this material retains heat and at the same time offers breathability during physical activity. The cut of the T-shirt takes the anatomy of the female body into consideration, so you don't have to worry about it rolling up and an uncovered back. It fits as it should when doing sports. The. Integrated neckerchief with the fine design print will protect you from wind and frost. You can leave your scarf at home.

You’ll use IRWA, the sweater from the “Light” series, as an active second layer for ski-touring. Breathable stretch material, an ergonomic cut and designer print on the sides make it a“must have” for every hike. Elastic cuffs with a thumb hole ensure that the sweater sleeves don’t bunch up even with active use of the skimo poles. If the frost catches you off-guard when your gloves are at the bottom of your backpack, you can use the integrated cover for the hands on the cuffs. Another technical sweater from the Ski-touring series is the ZLIECHOVA sweater made of the extremely elastic material Dri-release® DUO. It retains warmth, provides excellent breathability and you can rely on it even with high sporting exertion. The designer print on the shoulder panels jazzes it up, so you’ll stand out with it at every mountain chalet.

Active and protective layer

For the layer that provides active thermoregulation while also protecting against weather conditions, we used clothing with hybrid constructions. In the women’s collection for ski-touring you’ll find top materials such as Polartec® ALPHA®, PrimaLoft®, PrimaLoft® Down Blend, či Pertex®Quantum.

ORLOVA is a powerful women’s jacket with a hybrid ergonomic construction. It optimizes the interior climate, and so you stay dry even when climbing uphill on skis or cross-country skiing. The revolutionary Polartec® ALPHA® insulation is used on the chest, sleeves and upper back. This insulation doesn’t need any lining, so it significantly reduces the overall weight of the jacket. Further, it regulates heat and even works when wet, retaining its properties even when you sweat during active sports. The front panel, upper back and forearms are covered with an ultralight, 2.5-layer elastic membrane. This protects you from wind and moisture while maintaining its breathability. In critical areas exposed to the greatest heat generation, we used a breathable elastic knit (back, forearms) and GRID-inspired fabric (armpit panels). Both materials rapidly wick sweat away from the body and thus fall into the functional unit of hybrid construction. The elastic cuffs with a thumb hole, the adjustable bottom edge of the jacket and two zip pockets are now just the icing on the cake of this technical jacket for high-performance sports.

You’ll use the technical women’s ROHACE jacket with every intensive sports activity under winter conditions. Aside from the ergonomic cut and hood compatible with a helmet, it offers a hybrid construction based on the principle of body-mapping, i.e. the use of premium materials in specific zones. On the front panel, hood, sleeves and partially on the back the synthetic insulation Primaloft® ECO is used, which heats up even after wetting. The super-elastic fabric in the lower part of the back and armpit, in turn, ensures efficient moisture wicking. The other parts are made from a flexible and light 2.5-layer membrane, which provides a lightweight waterproof and windproof barrier with a high measure of breathability. The adjustable lower edge of the jacket, the elastic cuffs on the sleeves and the designer print all make it an irreplaceable companion when skiing on skins.

The thermal vest BARTKOVA is also designed on a similar principle as the ROHACE hybrid jacket. With Primaloft® ECO insulation, the heated zones on the front and shoulders are protected by a 2.5-layer flexible wind- and waterproof membrane with high breathability. On the back panel you’ll find a thick Power stretch fleece – fleece inside and a smooth surface on the outside. The overall hybrid construction of the BARTKOVA vest ensures optimal thermoregulation during physical performance. It combines well with the KRALOVA thermal t-shirt or the IRWA and ZLIECHOVA sweaters.

Insulation layer

BYSTRA is a technical insulating jacket that combines the top materials on the market. It has the super-light Pertex®Quantum windproof fabric on the surface and Primaloft® Down Blend insulation, which combines the best properties of synthetic fibres and down. Along the sides and on the sleeves are elastic panels made of the material Tactel®. These allow for better heat dissipation and increase the comfort of movement. Because of its properties, warmth and low weight, the BYSTRA jacket deserves to be an item in your backpack for every winter sport. You’ll use it not only during your descent, but also during your ascent, when more demanding weather conditions catch you by surprise.


JAVORINKA are technical hybrid trousers that will make you chic not only when climbing snowy hills. They make functional features and details available that ensure comfort and protection during every ski tour. The front panel of the trousers is made of a 2.5-layer windproof flexible membrane, which also offers water resistance. A breathable and exceptionally flexible fleece is used on the back side of the trousers. In addition to warmth, it also ensures high comfort when moving. The ergonomic cut of JAVORINKA trousers stands out with its elastic waistband and the pre-formed construction of the seat and knees. The reinforced inner panels around the ankle and the zipped ends of the trousers are made for using with ski boots. To prevent snow from getting under your trousers when you go down in the powder, the elastic ends adhere firmly to the ski boots.

ZDIARSKA - thermal trousers that are made for cross-country skiing and rapid ski mountaineering or outdoor training in winter weather thanks to their excellent range of motion. In severe frosts, you can also wear them as an under layer. The ergonomic construction is brilliantly complemented by the unique Blizzard® Thermal comfort fabric. This is an exceptionally flexible, highly breathable and thermoregulating material. In addition to the material itself, the ergonomically placed flat seams also provide perfect comfort. The trousers are held in place by an elastic waistband with a drawstring and elastic stirrups. You’ll achieve the perfect combination when combined with the JARABA thermal skirt.

The thermal skirt JARABA is not only trendy but also highly functional and practical for winter adventures. Whether as insurance in the backpack for a cold descent or when climbing on skis, it will definitely become a favourite piece of your functional wardrobe. The top-quality Polartec® ALPHA® insulation ensures active thermoregulation. The windproof, water-repellent and flexible 2.5-layer membrane on the surface makes it a reliable protective layer. Thanks to the elastic band, it will fit you like a glove and you can wear it directly to your trousers without taking off your boots or shoes via the full-length zipper on the side.

WARNING: Ski-touring is an outdoor sporting activity. Therefore, don’t underestimate the impact of weather, especially reports on the level of avalanche danger. Don’t overestimate your own abilities and avoid risky situations. Get hold of appropriate clothing and equipment and learn how to use them. Follow the regulations and recommendations at the ski resorts. If you haven’t had at least a basic avalanche course and don’t have the necessary avalanche equipment, give priority to safe locations. Don't forget about insurance.

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