Five reasons to choose softshell pants from NORTHFINDER
Five reasons to choose softshell pants from NORTHFINDER
Five reasons to choose softshell pants from NORTHFINDER

Five reasons to choose softshell pants from NORTHFINDER

Modern outdoor trousers protect the legs in changeable weather, shield them from the scrapes of rocks or vegetation and guard against UV radiation and insects.

Modern outdoor trousers protect the legs in changeable weather, shield them from the scrapes of rocks or vegetation, guard against UV radiation and insects while also providing high comfort when wearing them. Different situations and priorities require a specific approach, so we divide our trousers into the following groups:


  • functional and durable material

  • technical cut with pre-shaped parts

  • adjustable elements

We make outdoor trousers for those who are not deterred from hiking even by colder weather. But they will also serve well for people who like moving at higher elevations in the mountains. These trousers are more robust; they protect against wind, wet and cold.

The role of these trousers is to protect against adverse weather while ensuring movement and thermal comfort. From this point of view, the functional 3-layer softshell materials of various thicknesses have proved to be the most effective. The thickness of the material, its durability and flexibility give these pants their excellent properties.
Different softshell materials according to their thickness

Wind resistant and waterproof

The softshell membrane of the trousers protects the legs from the cold, whose effects can be multiplied by the wind. The material effectively blocks the wind and, together with the fine layer of fleece, contributes to temperature regulation. Thanks to the surface treatment of the top layer of material, moisture remains on the surface and is prevented from soaking in.

Management of Internal Moisture

When climbing up a slope, the body can produce more than 1.5 litres of sweat per hour. Even the most breathable membranes run into their limits with the evaporation of internal moisture. Therefore, trousers made of thicker materials have ventilation openings ventilation openings on the thighs or mesh pockets, which remove excess moisture and cool the legs as needed.

Ventilation openings
Breathable membranes on softshell trousers

Smooth movement without restriction

Pre-shaped knees on softshell trousers

The comfort of wearing them and unrestricted movement are based on the material elasticity, but the technical cut of the seat, the pre-shaped knees, or a step panel plays the key role. These technical solutions enable a large and at the same time smooth range of motion on cliffs or when climbing over logs. However, the less flexible the material is, the greater impact this has on comfort.

Adjust them to fit perfectly

To ensure that the trousers fit perfectly in all circumstances, we have equipped them with several important parts. The elastic drawstring together with the silicon application fixes the trousers in place. The double-sided Velcro adjustment is practical and additionally offers breathable flexibility, , which you’ll appreciate during more demanding activities. An important part is the adjustment of the lower edges of the trousers by means of a switch button or an elastic drawstring with a brake. The connection with the boot prevents the penetration of dirt or snow.

The other reasons why you will love our softshell trousers

Reinforced parts increase durability

Abrasion-resistant materials
In the field, all clothing is exposed not only to the weather and the environment, but also to your own equipment. It is the buttocks, knees or ankles that are exposed to increased stress, whether it is the edges of rocks, the edges of skis or crampons. The risk of damage to these areas is provided by special abrasion-resistant materials.