NORTHKIT waterproof packable jackets and pants for hiking
NORTHKIT waterproof packable jackets and pants for hiking
NORTHKIT waterproof packable jackets and pants for hiking

NORTHKIT waterproof packable jackets and pants for hiking

In an emergency, everyone will appreciate the advantages of packable jackets and trousers. Low weight, packability, protection from the weather and universal use. These are the things that make our waterproof hiking jackets an ideal solution in emergency situations.

In the mountains and on journeys around the world, we are often reliant only on what we are wearing or have in our backpack. Thanks to their minimal dimensions and low weight a place can always be found in a crowded backpack, in pockets or in a bottle holder on a bicycle.

Wherever you are… To wherever you are running… Whenever you ride… You just have to unpack.

Did you know that we offer the NORTHKIT jacket and trousers in both women’s and men’s versions? Combine them and be original! We bring a waterproof multi-sports jacket and trousers in the most varied colours.

Women’s NORTHKIT waterproof emergency jacket
Men’s NORTHKIT waterproof jackets
Men’s NORTHKIT waterproof jackets

Are you having trouble packing your NORTHKIT jacket back into your pocket? We’ll show you how to do it in a video.

NORTHKIT waterproof emergency jackets for hiking, running or cycling

The NORTHKIT jacket protects in all kinds of weather. It’s universal and you can carry it with you at all times.

The quality and functionality of this waterproof hiking jacket is hidden in a durable 2-layer ripstop-nylon membrane with DWR. The emergency jacket for running, cycling and hiking has everything you’ll need when in the field.

We created a simple opening in the armpits for permanent ventilation. No worries; it’s been tested! Thanks to its position, it doesn’t leak during movement.

ventilation opening in the armpit

A cyclist will use the snap fastener for ventilation when riding. You can then leave the jacket open and it won’t unpleasantly ripple in the wind. What a useful feature!

The main zipper from YKK is underlaid with a strip. Thanks to it neither wind nor moisture will get to the bottom, and the zipper will not get stuck during handling.

Through the openings on the back you can access the back pockets of the cycling jersey. The opening is covered during movement and serves as a ventilation zone.

easy access to the pockets of the cycling jersey with a reflective element

The easily accessible front zippered pockets hold everything you’ll need to have at hand.The zipper is protected by a flap, and inside is a practical mesh.

Side pocket with elastic edging for a bottle will also hold the packed NORTHKIT trousers or another piece of clothing. Practice will show.

The storage space inside has been perfectly adapted for your smartphone and payment cards, and we have added an eye for holding keys.

The elastic cuff protects against wind and prevents bunching. Thanks to it, you can cover your watch or roll up your sleeves before a steep ascent.

You won’t need a hood that often when riding a bike. You can simply fold the hood into the collar and pull it out again when needed.

Basic safety is provided on each side by reflective elements. If you carry a backpack, use reflective tape and light. Don’t leave it to chance!

NORTHKIT reflective elements

The material is durable thanks also to the functional ripstop texture, which prevents furtherripping when the fabric is damaged.

The surface material is hydrophobic (DWR). Drops are not absorbed but are simply drained away. No dirt gets between the individual fibres.

hydrophobic DWR surface with ripstop texture

The benefits increase the weight, but in these jackets we still did not exceed 250 g (size L). The size of the pocket is 200 x 100 mm.

NORTHKIT waterproof jackets for women and men

The whole family of NORTHKIT emergency clothing all together! Jackets and trousers for both her and him in various colours.

I want a NORTHKIT jacket

It’ll stay in the family! Combine the NORTHKIT jacket with waterproof NORTHKIT trousers and you’ll stay dry.

Two small pockets in the backpack will keep you perfectly dry even during unexpected cloudbursts. Two small pockets also suffice even in an unpleasant wind. In addition to the jacket, the NORTHKIT family also includes waterproof trousers. We sewed them using the same material as the jacket. NORTHKIT trousers can boast a water column of up to 10,000 mm, and they also have a hydrophobic surface. From the very start of your trip, you can be sure that you’ll stay dry and keep the wind away from your body.

In order for waterproof clothing to be comfortable as well as waterproof and windproof, it must also be sufficiently breathable. Otherwise, you’d feel as though you were wrapped in a foil :) The higher the value of waterproofness, wind resistance and breathability, the better you’ll feel in functional clothing. Thanks to the value for paropermeability up to 10,000 g/m2/24h, your body can breathe even during more active movement.

What functions do the NORTHKIT trousers provide?

The long YKK side zippers enable rapid and practical dressing without having to take your boots off. But don’t forget to zip them up before packing!

They protect against wind, moisture, dirt or insects. They are fully expandable – just unpack them, snap them on and you’ll be dry!

We covered the side zippers with a strap in the direction of movement with Velcro strips. They protect the zippers from the wind and rain.

Thanks to the verified two-way YKK zippers you can regulate ventilation during an ascent. This is what’s called multifunctionality.

The adjustable belt can be rapidly altered to fit your needs. Thanks to this, the trousers fit perfectly even when you are wearing several layers under them. We thought of everything.

We also thought through the details and left nothing to chance. The bottom edge of the trousers is secured with a snap that ensures that the trousers don’t unzip when you are moving.

Thanks to the adjustable edge of the trousers you create a durable connection with the boot. Roll up your trousers, pull down your knee socks and vent your ankles and calves.

Thanks to the back pocket, you’ll always have the most important things at hand. However, you’ll pack your trousers into this very pocket. No more lost pockets which were never found.

And despite the maximum features, NORTHKIT emergency trousers can still be packed in their own pocket, which doesn’t take up more space in the backpack than a can of beer. We also kept their weight in the range of 170 - 210 g with different sizes. Along with the NORTHKIT jacket, they will also find their place in a full backpack!

From the basket directly to the backpack! So what are you waiting for?

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