Ready for next winter?

Ready for next winter?


The ski era doesn't stop there!

On the contrary, it has new space away from the slopes. Hiking to skiing and ski touring coupled with cross-country skiing are clear trends in future winters. Increasing numbers of people are seeking relaxation in the snowy landscape, away from crowded ski resorts. Hence the demand for functional and lightweight clothing and equipment.

Sport trends invariably include increased requirements for functional materials. A major highlight is the highly-breathable POLARTEC® Alpha® Direct material, which literally allows the body to breathe. This is the version from NORTHFINDER for next winter.


A revolution is taking place in mid-insulation layer clothing, with the increasing popularity of light synthetic insulation rather than traditional fleeces. The trendsetter is considered to be PromaLoft ® insulated materials, which we have in our range.

Scient-fiction now

Haven’t tried battery-heated socks yet? Then try a jacket with active insulation. The jacket prevents heat escaping, and also generates heat - according to the wearer’s requirements. Pure enjoyment - especially for skiers who spend a lot of time on cable cars and chair lifts.

Super technology - which until recently had only been open to a select group of users, is now widely available. Become familiar with the new term ‘customisation’ because it’s the new digital future. Design your very own trainers. Or simply press ‘PRINT’ and tomorrow you’ll be running in trainers with a personalised sole. And join the current high-tech trend.


Design works, colors must be experienced

The designers emphasised simplicity, a timeless-look, and clothing's’ ever-increasing functionality.

For jacket and trousers models, the mono-colour is quite strict - the designers draw on an extensive palette of earthly and pastel shades. From fresh lime to earthly brown, dark burgundy tones, grey-blue to orange-red. The industry has discovered yellow shades such as amber and mustard. Eye-catching clothing in range of shades from faded pink to vintage pink. Popular is clothing inspired by the colours of nature - dark shades of green, brown and grey, which are widely-used in all winter sports.  

Camuflage pattern rules

Whole print returns? If yes, it’s clearly represented by camouflage print. This appears in numerous forms and all layers of clothing, especially in urban-inspired outfits.


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