Ski Touring - what is it?

Ski Touring - what is it?


Ski Touring - what is it?

If you love winter sports, you should definitely try ski touring. This is a discipline that requires a hike on special ski and is followed by downhill skiing afterwards. The idea of skiing on a perfect snow, away from busy ski resorts, totally absorbed by nature, is stunning.

Ski touring vs ski alpinism

Ski touring and ski alpinism are very similar sports, we can think of them as upgraded cross-country skiing. However ski touring is a lighter version that you can handle with an average physics. In ski alpinism, there is a similar goal - climbing a hill on skis and downhill ride but with using a climbing equipment. It is an activity in more extreme conditions.


Pic: slower ski touring outputs 

Ski touring and necessary equipment

Ski touring is actually a peaceful, economic and ecological hike on a hill where the ski will allow you to have a free heel. On the way to the top, you can add special climbing belts to your skis, which make it easier for you. After you enjoy your well-deserved chocolate stick and the view at the top, turn off the belts, click on the boots and enjoy the beautiful valley downhill ride.
Special skis must have a special tie for ski alpinism that will allow you to have a free heel for the exit. The climbing synthetic belts are very used here. During the downhill skiing, you will switch to a hard belt as in classic skis. Shoes are light and movable at the ankles, which is useful especially in downhill skiing - you may feel like on the slopes, but you will certainly not have the stability. In this case, telescopic poles are better choice than ski poles.


Pic : Ski touring boots

Ski touring disciplines

  • Touring is exactly the discipline described above – go up peacefully and slide down actively. You can practice this sport in the surrounding hills as well as in the Alps; in addition, it is ideal for several-days trips.
  • Race tour is an alternative to previous discipline, but it's much more about speed than style. The basis is the low weight of the equipment, so everything is very minimalistic. You can race or run on cross-country trails.
  • Free touring is the perfect combination of tour and freeride. The equipment has a bigger weight, so you're a little bit slower, but more stable, so you can risk it even on more challenging terrain. 

Other disciplines are already part of ski alpinism, as they include cross-country skiing on mountain glacier and extreme downhill skiing, where you need to have a climbing equipment.

Pic: changing physical demands requires layering of clothing

Winter and snow are not an excuse to stay at home, but rather the opposite. The winter sports industry offers active use in a variety of possibilities and terrains. Do not be afraid to jump in, you may find a new life passion.



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