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  • Modern clothing for a large number of seasonal team and individual activities. First-class, breathable materials with functional properties. With a modern cut for wearing every day.
  • With this outfit you’ll be ready to conquer any spot on the map. Unforced, stylish and with perfect parameters.
  • Choose from NORTHFINDER outdoor clothing, ideal for free-time activities, such as walks in the woods or the city, for running, cycling, in-line skating and other lighter sporting activities. Reach for quality sportswear for any time of year that will last you many seasons.
  • You enthusiastically overcome kilometres of sidewalks and elevations, and the weather can never surprise you. Put on softshell trousers, a Polartec® sweater and a softshell jacket or a PrimaLoft vest. Before leaving, pack a NORTHKIT emergency jacket with trousers into your backpack and then you can set out on your adventure!
  • We offer the special collection Running and Active Sport. You can also use it for cycling, in-line skating, cross-country skiing or other outdoor activities. With running, every gram counts; therefore, the running clothing is ultralight, elastic and offers a maximum range of motion.
  • Travelling is both a challenge and fun. Anyone can enjoy it. You don't have to have a specific destination; all you need is a map and a few tips. Pack everything you need in a bag: breathable 2-in-1 trousers, a flannel and a warm fleece. Don’t forget the waterproof NORTHCOVER.
  • Hiking accessories and extras for clothing and hiking equipment complete the overall outfit and improve safety and comfort during outdoor activities. As with our other products, sports accessories provide maximum reliability, a progressive design and sustainability of production processes.
  • A backpack or rucksack – simply put, storage space on the back with a solid construction, adjustable straps and a waist belt – should be part of the equipment for every hiking enthusiast. A backpack with a large storage space has features in the form of side pockets and a compartment for a raincoat or a pouch with water. You can use practical handles for lots of accessories. The thoughtful ventilation of the back is the imaginary cherry on the cake.
  • We expect more from a belt in the outdoors than it just holding up our trousers and perfectly matching our shoes. A synthetic belt is durable and exceeds expectations under tension. In the event of an injury it can be used as a tourniquet or to fix a fracture or when carrying wood or attaching a mat to a backpack. As a replacement for backpack straps or holding down a waterproof poncho in the wind. If you’re looking for a belt that combines quality, practicality and timelessness, choose a NORTHFINDER belt.
  • We lose the most heat through the top of the head. Therefore, a cap with the NORTHFINDER logo should be part of any hike or ski trip. Functional caps protect your head from heat loss and also cover sensitive ears. Caps reduce the risk of sunburn, capture sweat and shade the eyes from the harsh sun. A cap can colourfully complement our outfits; the materials dry quickly and are well ventilated without the need for special care.
  • We make sports gloves, whether for running, cycling or skiing, out of first-class functional materials. Lightweight and flexible gloves will keep runners happy on those cold mornings. Fingerless cycling gloves are gel-braced on the palms and reinforced for hours spent in the saddle. Winter gloves protect your fingers from the cold while also maintaining a comfortable grip. Some gloves are even equipped with a touch zone for controlling the smartphone. Insulated mittens can also be applied to thin gloves and will serve cross-country or downhill skiers.
  • The NORTHFINDER sports headband can serve several functions at the same time. The functional headband is suitable for runners and hikers alike. In cold weather, a winter headband protects your ears from the cold. Sweat will not run into your eyes and the head can ventilate well during the ascent. A light headband made of thin elastic fabric will fit every head. You can also hide it under your helmet when enjoying cycling, speed hiking or ski touring. Ladies will appreciate wide headbands and colourful headbands with a pattern that will fine-tune the sporting outfit.
  • We only have one head, and it’s there on our necks to be protected. A helmet or casque will absorb some of the energy of impact and reduce the risk of injury. We choose the right helmet based on our purpose. A cycling helmet with good ergonomics must fit well, be ventilated and provide a good view. Climbing helmets have their own standards, including a lightweight variant of alpine helmets with an injected construction and distinctive ventilation holes. The closed construction of a ski helmet pleasantly insulates and is ideally complemented with goggles. A quality helmet provides several setting points and has a simple lock.
  • NORTHFINDER hiking outdoor gaiters offer perfect protection for the legs from moisture, insects, dirt or scratches. They facilitate movement in all types of exteriors and they’ll give your mind and body both the needed courage to overcome even unpleasant obstacles. Winter gaiters prevent snow and ice from getting into the space between your trousers and your shoes. Water-resistant or waterproof gaiters are also a great help, literally keeping you dry during a hike. There are also solid hiking gaiters and protectors for the more demanding.
  • Masks or scarves are infinitely multifunctional. In the wind, they will protect the airways from the inhaling dust. When you’re cycling, they are great against flying insects. In the spring, they are salvation for athletes with allergies. A scarf can also tame your hairstyle during a hike, and when you’re skiing they eliminate wind and snow. An alternative use is to save the neck from getting sunburned.
  • Hiking poles or NORTHFINDER poles increase safety when you are walking in the field; they reduce the load on your joints and physically engage the upper body. In emergencies, even ski-touring, Nordic walking, trail running or trekking poles can serve as the foundation for a shelter, a splint for treating a broken bone, repelling the attack of an animal or as an aid to overcoming an obstacle. What’s more, folding or telescopic poles are practical and take up a minimum of space during transport. In addition to trips into nature, you can also use them on a normal day of walking.
  • An outdoor scarf, a shawl or a flexible tunnel make the perfect partner for all athletes throughout the year. They protect against sun and sunburn in summer and from the cold in winter. Even though they take up a minimum of space, their functional properties and practical use are truly admirable. They cover the neck, nose and mouth when you are skiing, and you can quickly turn it into a hat or headband. Pack an outdoor scarf into your backpack, because you never know when the weather will surprise you, because a hiker’s neckerchief can help turn a difficult hike into a great adventure.
  • The right outdoor shoes work like seven-mile boots. Choose low or higher hiking shoes that you can use over difficult terrain without drenching your feet. We have put the best materials into our hiking boots, such as Vibram, which reduces the risk of slipping several times over. We used insoles of the Ortholite brand for shoes, which you won’t feel even after the toughest hike. Their ergonomic shape allows them to adapt perfectly to the foot even in the most demanding conditions.


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