1. When will the parcel be dispatched?

We ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. The deadline applies to working days.

2. When will the parcel be delivered?

Generally, the parcel is delivered 1 - 5 days after dispatch. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the parcel is usually delivered in about 1 to 2 working days. Parcels to other countries usually arrive within 3 - 5 working days of dispatch.

3. Can I choose the exact delivery date?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to choose the exact date. However, you can use the Packeta service and have your parcel deposited at a drop-off point. In this way you can just get to it when it suits you. The package will be stored for 7 days.

4. Where can I track the status of my order?

We will inform you of changes in the order status via emails. If you are a registered customer, you can also see your order status in the "My Orders" section of your customer account on the website. The status may be:

  • Payment received
  • Order processing
  • Sent order
  • Delivered order

5. Where can I track the movement of a package?

The movement of a package can be tracked at this link:
Packeta should also send you a parcel number by email, which you can use to verify the movement of your parcel.

6. The package is late. Where do I turn to?

In the event that a package is taking longer to arrive than the standard time stated in Point 2, we recommend that you contact the Packeta customer service line.

7. Where can I find the drop-off points?

If you have chosen Packeta - pickup at a drop-off point, you will select this drop-off point directly in the order. You can also find a list of Packeta drop-off points at this link:

Northfinder has no plans for other drop-off points. For example, pickup on business premises or personal pickup’s at the company's headquarters or warehouses are not possible for the time being.


1. How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by card through a payment gateway, PayPal or cash on delivery, but please note that it is approximately €2 more expensive than the other payment options. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, you can also pay by bank transfer.

2. Is cash on delivery possible?

Yes, cash on delivery is possible in all countries where we deliver. However, please note that it is approximately €2 more expensive than other payment options.

3. Payment via payment gateway failed. What are my options?

The easiest option is to create a new, identical order and pay for it in your preferred way. We will cancel an unpaid order within 5 days of unsuccessful payment.

If the unsuccessful payment is associated with an order of the last items, and so a new order cannot be created with identical items, please contact us at the customer service line:+421 233 418 364 or by email at

4. What is the shipping cost?

The price for shipping varies depending on the country in which the online shop operates and is related to the prices of courier companies. You can find it in your cart when you select your delivery method. In any case, if the amount of your purchase exceeds €70, you get free shipping.


1. Can I change the contents of my order after it has been confirmed? Adding or removing items from an order?

Changes, removals and additions to an existing order are not possible. The moment you confirm your purchase in the shop, the order is unchangeable in terms of content and scope.

2. Can I merge multiple orders into one?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each order has its own variable symbol, which is also linked to the carrier. In addition, we have warehouses in different locations. Invoicing and logistics are not yet possible so as to process such a request.

4. How can I cancel my order?

An order can only be cancelled before it is released from stock. In practice, this is only possible immediately after it has been created, through our customer service at+421 233 418 364
or by email to

Since we try to process the order as soon as possible after it has been created, it is likely that it will no longer be possible to disrupt it, change it or cancel it. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service Center.


1. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store or a place where I can try on the goods?

As Northfinder, we don't have a separate branded store anywhere, we only operate on an online shop basis. However, you can also find our goods in selected sports shops. Before visiting a specific partner store, we recommend checking the current status directly with the store by phone.

2. In which stores can I find your brand?

You can easily find a list of dealers at the bottom of the webpage above the information footer:

3. If an item is out of stock, how do I know if and when it will be in stock?

If an item is indicated as sold out, the likelihood that it will still be stocked is practically zero. Waiting for stocking may therefore not be worthwhile. Some exceptions are bestsellers, which we stock repeatedly, but we cannot guarantee a specific date.

4. Can you verify the stock of a specific product in your partners' stores?

No, unfortunately. Our warehouses are not connected. Therefore, always check with the specific partner shop.

5. Can I try on and pick up goods at your company address?

No, it’s not possible to try on the goods at the company's headquarters or at the warehouse address. The exchange of purchased goods is free, simple and relatively fast.


2. How can I return my order?

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, you can return goods via Packeta. In Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Romania you send the goods at your own expense to the addresses in the respective country. From other countries, you must send the returned goods at your own expense to an address in Slovakia.

3. When and how will I get my money back?

We will refund your payment in the same manner as the purchase. So if you have paid by card through a payment gateway, the payment will be refunded to the card. If you paid via PayPal, you will receive your money back through this method. However, if you have paid by cash on delivery, we will refund your money by bank transfer to your bank account. So in this case we will need your account number.

4. How can I track the delivery of a return shipment?

You can track your return shipment via Packeta at the following link:

You will receive a tracking number from Packeta on your delivery confirmation.

If you have chosen to return the goods via another carrier, you can track your package via the tools offered by the specific carrier.

6. How long does it take to process a refund?

We try to process the refund as soon as possible, but we can guarantee processing within the legal time limit of 14 days.

7. How long does it take to exchange goods? When will I receive the exchanged goods?

We try to process your exchange as soon as possible, but we can guarantee a turnaround time of 14 days.

8. Can I exchange purchased goods for completely different goods in your shop?

Only goods of the same model can be exchanged for a different size or colour. Exchanges for completely different goods, for example trousers in exchange for a jacket, are not possible.

9. What is the procedure for exchanging or returning goods? Where do I take the package, where do I submit the form, how do I enter the return code?

Slovak Republic and Czech Republic:

The procedure is simple. You don't need any app or to call anywhere:

  • Pack the goods to be returned or exchanged along with the completed form

  • You come to any Packeta drop-off point.

  • You state that you want to send a package and use a specific code for free shipping (it's the Northfinder universal code):

  • Slovak Republic - code: 95600821

  • Czech Republic - code: 90885507

Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania:

  • The package must be sent at your own expense to the address indicated in the footer of the respective online shop.

Other countries:
Please send the package at your own expense to:

  • Rastislavova 109, Lužianky 951 41 Slovensko


1. Where can I find my order number?

You will find the order number in the email communication. The confirmation email always includes the order number.

In some cases, goods are shipped from multiple warehouses. In this situation, an additional number is added to the basic order number in the case of two (or more) packages. For example, if order number 123456 is split into two packages, the second package carries number 123456-2.

2. How do I register for the online shop?

On the Northfinder website, in the top right-hand side you will find a link to "Register." Once you click on it, you will see a window like this, where you simply fill in your details, choose a password and you’re ready to shop.

3. I have forgotten my login details, what should I do?

Most often it will be a forgotten password, just generate one on the login page and have a new one sent to you.

4. I have a discount coupon, how can I use it?

You enter the discount voucher in the box that appears after clicking the “zľavový kupón” / “slevový kupón” / “discount voucher” button in the payment summary.

5. Where can I find an invoice for my purchase?

Your invoice will arrive by email. In that way you'll always be able to find it. And it’s environmentally-friendly.

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