Terms and conditions of the cash-back bonus Loyalty Programme

1. NORTHFINDER, a. s., (hereinafter NORTHFINDER) operates a cash-back bonus loyalty programme (Loyalty programme) for customers of the online store www.northfinder.com/en. The loyalty programme rewards the repeated purchases of registered customers as part of an active customer account.
1.1. The registered account and purchases must be made on the Web site www.northfinder.com/en
1.2. Based on the conditions of the programme, the cash-back incentive allows customers to obtain a bonus for each purchase made, the nominal value of which the customer can then deduct from the real value of the order during the next purchase.

2. Participation in the Loyalty Programme
2.1. Only a registered customer, a natural person over 18 years old, may sign up with the Loyalty Programme.
2.2. Customer registration, the creation of a customer account, takes place on the relevant domain of the online shopping platform after filling in the required data and agreeing to the conditions of creating the customer account.

3. Calculation of the cash-back bonus
3.1. The cash-back bonus (hereinafter also the “bonus”) is calculated only from the real value of the order/purchase which the customer actually pays, inclusive of VAT (after deducting discounts).
3.2. The minimum value of a purchase for calculating the bonus is set at one unit of currency before the decimal point.
3.3. The basis for calculating the bonus is the value of the purchase expressed in whole units of the specific payment currency before the decimal point.
(Example: a purchase worth € 17.99 => basis for bonus calculation € 17.00; or € 99.59 => basis for bonus calculation € 99.00.)

4. Rules for crediting the cash-back bonus to the account
4.1. The calculated bonus is credited to the customer’s account automatically, always on the 15th calendar day after complete delivery of the order to the customer from the paid value of the purchase.
4.2. In the case of cancellation of the entire order, the credited bonus will be automatically deducted from the account.

5. Applying the cash-back bonus when making a purchase
5.1. The bonus can be applied only the day after it is credited to the customer’s account.
5.2. The bonus cannot be applied additionally to an order after the order has been sent.
5.3. The value of the applied bonus may not exceed 25% of the actual value of the current order.
5.4. The bonus is always applied only in the maximum value.
5.5. If the value of the bonus is higher than 25% of the value of the order, the remaining portion of it stays recorded in the customer’s account.
5.6. The customer can decide whether or not to apply a registered cash-back bonus for the current purchase.

6. Recording of a bonus
6.1. Information on the current status of a registered bonus is available only on the personal account of the registered customer and is updated in accordance with the set conditions.
6.2. The cash-back bonus expires together with the cancellation of the customer’s account without any compensation.
6.3. The cash-back bonus cannot be additionally added to an account, adjusted manually, or transferred from one account to the account of another customer or vice versa.

7. Expiration of the bonus
7.1. Expiration of the cash-back bonus occurs if 150 calendar days have elapsed since the bonus was last credited, during which the customer has not completed any successful order.
7.2. With the accumulation of bonuses to the account, the entire bonus takes on the expiration date of the youngest part of the bonus.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1. NORTHFINDER reserves the right to unilaterally change the amount of the bonus, the rules of its calculation and the conditions of its use, but also to terminate this Loyalty Programme.
8.2. NORTHFINDER reserves the right to determine which items are not covered by the cash-back bonus calculation or its application.
8.3. Any change to these rules becomes effective on the day of its publication on the Seller’s Online Store.
8.4. The user agrees with a change of the rules automatically the moment the programme is used.
8.5. The cash-back bonus is non-claimable.
8.6. In case of technical problems, NORTHFINDER is not responsible for differences in the calculation, crediting, use or expiration of the bonus.
8.7. The customer is fully responsible for the use of his or her account and the protection of his or her login data.
8.8. These conditions shall acquire validity and force on 1 July 2021.

NORTHFINDER, a. s., 1 July 2021