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  • Modern clothing for a large number of seasonal team and individual activities. First-class, breathable materials with functional properties. With a modern cut for wearing every day.
  • With this outfit you’ll be ready to conquer any spot on the map. Unforced, stylish and with perfect parameters.
  • Choose from NORTHFINDER outdoor clothing, ideal for free-time activities, such as walks in the woods or the city, for running, cycling, in-line skating and other lighter sporting activities. Reach for quality sportswear for any time of year that will last you many seasons.
  • We expect more from a belt in the outdoors than it just holding up our trousers and perfectly matching our shoes. A synthetic belt is durable and exceeds expectations under tension. In the event of an injury it can be used as a tourniquet or to fix a fracture or when carrying wood or attaching a mat to a backpack. As a replacement for backpack straps or holding down a waterproof poncho in the wind. If you’re looking for a belt that combines quality, practicality and timelessness, choose a NORTHFINDER belt.


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