Northfinder Solisko jacket: The clear choice for the Tatra Mountain Service

Hiking’s especially popular in nice weather. But the mountain service works in all weathers. That's why they need clothes that support the rescuers and allow them to work freely.

Northfinder Solisko jacket: The clear choice for the Tatra Mountain Service
Northfinder Solisko jacket: The clear choice for the Tatra Mountain Service
Designing a jacket from behind a computer screen is far removed from designing a jacket that can actually handle demanding mountain hiking, climbing, and skiing, while also keeping you warm and giving freedom of movement. And because there’s no better way to get valuable feedback than from people who save lives in the mountains, cooperation between the voluntary Tatra Mountain Service and Northfinder was established.
Fero Mrazik Northfinder
Fero Mrázik
Chairman of the voluntary Tatra Mountain Service. Experienced UIMLA mountain guide Works in the Tatras and Nepal. He’s always been living in the mountains - for walking, climbing and skiing.

Versatility is decisive in the Tatras

Tatra Mountain Service volunteers work in the High Tatras, where the weather often changes from one minute to the next. In just one day, rescuers can experience bright sun, strong wind, cloudburst, and snowfall.
THS rescuers were interested in the Solisko jacket from the collection aimed at ski-touring. As they say, there are many specialized items on the market. Some are for active movement, and others for passive survival in cold conditions. That's why they sought a more universal solution.

The Solisko jacket uses Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation. This ensures that a person stays warm when attending a rescue operation or assisting events, and ventilates excess heat when moving. The warmth of this material can also be compared to the filling insulation of winter and warming clothing. This won the rescuers over.
„It’s important not to use something which enables speed because it is light, but soon gets cold when not moving." - Fero Mrázik
The jacket has a hybrid construction that underlines its versatile use. In addition to high-quality insulation, it is created in accordance with the principles of body-mapping and consists of several well-thought-out materials.

Windproof material covers the chest and shoulder area. It reliably protects rescuers from strong mountain wind, which would otherwise lead to rapid hypothermia. The shoulders are partially protected by a membrane that ensures the jacket can withstand moisture, light snowfall, and rain showers.

The back panel is made of extremely elastic and breathable Blizzard® Thermal Comfort material. Thanks to it, rescuers do not sweat in the jacket even during strong exertion, for example when carrying a heavy load or an injured person in difficult-to-reach terrain.
Of course, Solisko is not a jacket designed for storms - that's what membrane clothing is for. It aims to provide thermal comfort and reduce fluctuations that affect the body in mountain environments.

Lightweight, durable and long-lasting

We assumed that weight is the first priority for THS when choosing equipment and clothing, so that rescuers reduce weight in difficult terrain. It's not always that lightest is the best, because light weight can be at the expense of how long something lasts, says Fero. And durability and universal use are key for THS members.

Unlike ordinary hikers, rescuers are outside in all weathers. And often it is when weather is worsening - when most accidents happen - that their help is most needed. They then notice all the properties of their clothes much more.

The voluntary Tatra Mountain Service
The serivce was established in 1997 as a civil association, continuing the service of the Voluntary Rescue Committee which was set up in 1913. The latter brought together skilled skiers, hikers, climbers and other mountain lovers to provide rescue services. The work of mountain rescuers is demanding physically and mentally, often in difficult terrain, and adverse weather. Would-be volunteers are tested on physical ability, knowledge and orientation in the Tatras, as well as personality and character traits.

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