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NorthFinder is the choice of heart

NORTHFINDER is a brand that does not impose restrictions. It is the natural choice and free personality.

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Women's jacket taffeta PU coated waterproof

Technology that NorthFinder produces

NorthFinder uses the above technologies across their X3M, SIII, SII, SI and FS series clothing lines. Each of these technologies has its own unique technical features, which are a guarantee of quality in NF brand clothing.

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MembraneCoatingSoftshell 3 layerSoftshell 2 layerRECCO SystemImitation Down 3DPolartecYKK zipperYKK waterproof zipperWaterrepellentQuickdry fabricAll seams tapedCritical seams tapedStretch fabricSlim fitAntipillingLaser cuttingxVentilationPure cottonAll over print