Pertex® Shield: Ultimate protection for the mountains against water and wind with excellent breathability

The ultralight and powerful Pertex® Shield material excels in its ability to protect against adverse weather and at the same time offers excellent comfort during active movement. It is one of the best membranes on the outdoor clothing market. If you are going to the mountains for hiking, trekking or, for example, climbing, pack Pertex® Shield clothing in your backpack, wrapped in a hood, it will not get in the way, it will not weigh you down, and in case of rain or wind, it is as if you found it.

Pertex® Shield: Ultimate protection for the mountains against water and wind with excellent breathability
Pertex® Shield: Ultimate protection for the mountains against water and wind with excellent breathability

Microporous membrane that breathes and does not get wet

Pertex® Shield is a membrane material that, thanks to its microporous structure, does not let water in from the outside, even during a heavy downpour, and also protects against the wind. At the same time, these miniature pores easily release body vapors and excess heat away from the body. The material therefore protects and breathes, so you won't get wet in the rain and you won't overheat or sweat during intense movement.

Northfinder - Pertex Shield

Main features of Pertex® Shield:

  • Waterproof and windproof: with a water column of 20,000 mm H₂O, it can handle even heavy rain and wind and reliably protect even in adverse alpine conditions

  • Excellent breathability of 20,000 g/m²/24 h is the best you can find on the market

  • Ultra-light construction - the material is light and durable, ideal where weight and packability are decisive, for example VHT or mountaineering

  • Easy to pack - you can simply pack the jacket into a small package, for example by rolling it into the hood, and it doesn't take up much space in your backpack

Pertex® Shield vs. Gore-Tex®: A quick comparison

However, the greatest value of Pertex® Shield is its excellent protective properties, ultra-light weight and packability, so you don't have to hesitate when packing to take the jacket or not. This is an excellent combination for intense outdoor activities in the mountains. Gore-Tex ® is a slightly stronger membrane and the clothes with it are also more voluminous. It is suitable for significantly colder conditions because it creates a certain thermal insulation by itself even without insulation. Pertex® Shield is thinner and lighter, and in colder weather it is good to put a fleece or other insulating layer under it.

Northfinder - Pertex Shield
Northfinder - Pertex Shield

Pertex Shield can be found in the following Northfinder products:

Maintenance of clothing with Pertex® Shield: Do not use fabric softener and wash only in exceptional cases

As with other membrane clothing, it is best not to wash it at all, or only minimally. It has been proven to hang the clothes on a hanger after the hike and hang them outside to air them out, in case of light mud or dirt, just wipe them with a cloth moistened with clean water. If the clothing is heavily soiled, look around for a dry cleaner specializing in outdoor and membrane clothing. Be sure not to put the clothes in a regular dry cleaner or wash them in a regular way.

At home, wash in accordance with the instructions on the clothes, at low temperatures and low revolutions and on gentle programs. It is ideal if you only wash in clean water, making sure that there are no detergent residues left in the washing machine from the previous wash. A good choice is to run one short water-only program with clean textiles (for example, towels, rinse cloths) in order to remove the remains of detergents and fabric softeners. Only then wash membrane clothing separately.

You can buy a special detergent in specialized shops for outdoor equipment and it is often also impregnated. Never use fabric softener or ordinary drugstore detergent, including those intended for sportswear. Just one washing cycle with an unsuitable detergent or fabric softener can irreversibly clog the pores of the membrane and thus devalue an expensive piece of outdoor equipment by literally turning it into plastic.

Northfinder - Pertex Shield

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